2 home directories? Why?

I just registered and uploaded my site today–it is already up and running (at least from my computer). I am a total Newbie with NO html, etc. experience. Everything seems to be working fine now except that on my desktop, I have 2 home directories. One called “Home Directory”. In there, I could put all my .html files into the christinaforshay.com folder. The other, is called “username.christinaforshay.com” (substitute “username” for my username"). In that home directory, I cannot move the .html files into the christinaforshay.com folder because it says “christinaforshay.com cannot be modified”. One was created by going to the finder, and clicking “connect to server” and logging in that way. The other was created from my ftp program (the program i used to design the site) Freeway. Now when I update, which do I use? I’m lost…
-I’m using mac osX.4.2 by the way.
Do I even need both of these? i’m scared to get rid of the one that isnt letting me modify. Everything is working good and I dont want to rock the boat. Also, should these files be located on the desktop? Did I do the right thing by moving those files where I moved them? I have no idea what I’m doing, really. Any help would be AWESOME. Thank you

my site is: http://christinaforshay.com/