2 extra second domains? ravenoak

On the webpage extras areas, it says “Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we’ve upped the ante! בקתות בנוף If you choose to pay for an extra domain six months in advance, you’ll get TWO extra domains! If you pay one year in advance, you’ll get THREE extra domains! Holey moley!”


I just (a couple of months ago) added a second domain to my account. So does that mean if I had waited I would have gotten a third? and a fourth? Also, are these two for the price of one? How is this working money wise? سوق العملات
I prepaid mine for a full year! I want the extra domain thingy! http://www.baiaopharma.com/

You’re too late (as are most of us). It sounds like two for one, and three for one, respectively. It just means that DH will make a little less on your domain registrations if you’re eligible.

Where are you seeing this?

On a post that’s nine years old?

I think it’s probably safe to say this deal is no longer on.