2 Domains W/ DH Need To Move All Info to Other

I currently have two domains registered with dream host, www.mlgtourneys.net and www.protourneys.org. Due to some copywrite issues I need to change the name of my site, so that’s why I got pro tourneys. Now I need to transfer everything from MLG Tourneys to Pro Tourneys and I have no idea how. I don’t even know how to make a new ftp account for Pro Tourneys =( Please help ASAP I don’t want to get sued!!!

Just set up protourneys.org as a fully hosted domain, using your same user, and tell it to use the existing mlgtourneys.net directory as it’s root.

Modify the content as needed and you are good to go.


how do I set it up so it’s a fully hosted domain like mlgtourneys.net I am new to this stuff

go to the Control Panel -> Manage Domains->Add a new domain, and fill in the forms.


so I need to buy new hosting?

EDIT: NVM im stupid, i was gonna do that earlier but i thought u had to pay, thanks alot

No. You may host as many domains as you want at Dreamhost, for no additional charge, with each plan. You do have to pay for domian registrations, but you may add the hosting of additional domains to your plan without incurring additional cost.


I also went and took a look at your site, which is running PHPbb. Remember you will have to modify the coinfiguration of phpbb to facilitate the new name.

That said, you might want to rename the mlgtourneys.net directory (which will disable that site) to the new domain name before pointing the domain to it, so the config paths will remain related to the config urls.