2 domains registered but not same plan

I have 2 domains registered. One is my active domain and the other is just sitting there parked.

Is it possible to move the 2nd domain into my Sweet Dreams account as a ‘redirect’ site?

If I read it correctly, the recent plan upgrades allowed for multiple domains. I have the ‘.org’ one that has a subdomain and I have the parked ‘.net’.


You could have unlimited parked domains redirecting to an existing site even under the old plan. Just go into Add Domain under the Domains tab in the web panel and add it as a parked domain redirecting to your other site. Then make sure, if it wasn’t registered through DH, that you go the registrar’s site and set the nameservers for it to Dreamhost’s. You can find them in the Kbase.


Business: http://www.spidersilk.net
Personal: http://www.wildideas.net


Ya know, I have looked at that for quite some time and did not see the “park/redirect” option.



Where are we going and why are we in this basket?