2 domains - 1 space!

Hi , I’m new to dreamhost , I have 2 domains , let’s say ie mydomainname.com and mydomainname.net , I would like to know how to set up these domains to point to the same space , the scripts must be available in both in such way that a user can type mydomainname.com/scripts/myscript.php or mydomainname.net/scripts/myscript.php with equal results , now that is very important to me .

I was wondering if that is what “mirror” does , if that’s the case then should I set up both domains in the panel then mirror one to another ? Or am I getting this wrong ?

Also I use google apps for my email in both domains so my question is how do I set up that ? Do I just change the mx records to the custom google mx in DH panel and then set an alias in google apps ?

Heh , I’m asking questions and kinda ‘answering’ at the same time I know , while I’m not totally in the dark I would like to be sure of the steps to take because I’m not willing to spend extra time setting up these websites . You know what they say : Time is Money !! :slight_smile:

When setting mydomainname.com up in the panel, set it to be a redirect domain redirecting to mydomainname.net. (Or the other way around, if that suits your fancy.)

If you have to ask what mirrors are, they’re of no use to you.

There is some documentation on how to set up mail handling through Google Apps, but a Web search would no doubt find you plenty of other guides.

Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

Hey emufarmers , Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

I still think I will try to use the mirror thingie , I’ve been looking in the wiki late yesterday and I found this :

“A mirror domain is a server alias on the DreamHost server that allows you to access the same DreamHost site content under more than one address. For example, you can have both a .com and a .net site that share the same site content, or access your site live before your domain is set up, using a dreamhosters.com subdomain.”

It’s a bit tricky to set due to the robots.txt but it’s no biggie , so I think saturday night I will set both my .net and .com to DH dns and then set .net as fully hosted in panel and then .com as mirror see what happens , the reason I want this is I want customers to use seamlessely one or the other without being forced to redirect , I will check your option if it doesn’t work , thnx again .

I have set a google app mail yesterday already with a less sensible domain and it’s working great as far as I see , the only problem I had was it won’t accept webmail.mydomainname.com as valid redirect , but I see it’s reserved in the panel , I don’t know if there is a turn around for this . it wouldn’t let me create a ‘mail’ redirect subdomain either which was weird so I finally settled with ‘email’ … that’s not a big problem for me since I use this internally but I would still like to know if I can do something to get ‘webmail’ or ‘mail’ working instead like I have in my other hosters .

You can change CNAME for mail(.mydomainname.com/.net) to google to do this. I think it will work. And webmail(.mydomainname.com/.net) will work on the same way. There’re instructions on how to set up CNAME right on the Google Apps Panel and on the Help section.

Mirroring is the way that match you wants/needs. Redirects will not do same. Redirecting your site will only reach to the original domain. So if you redirect mydomainname.com to mydomainname.net then visitors browsing through mydomainname.com will reach mydomainname.net and visitors will see the destination url on the status bar. The same result if they browse through mydomainname.com/index.html they’ll reach mydomainname.net/index.html. Mirroring is just perfect working with its natural meaning. If you mirror mydomainname.com with mydomainname.net then visitors will get the same pages/contents,but with the url that they’ve input. I think you got it. Right?

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