2 domain information


I would like to host 2 separate domains on one account. I’m wondering if I can have separate emails for both each with their own domain name, eg. someone@domian1.com, and someone@domain2.com. I’d also like to know if the stats are separate for each domain name.



yes, each domain is entirley seperate. The same goes for sub-domains as well. Each can have their own E-mail addresses, totaly unrelated to each other. All content is sepearate between the domains (enless you set up a mirored domain)



Thanks Mattt for your reply. I just have one more question about the setup. Is there a separate folder for each domain which will contain the index.html page for that site? If not, how are they kept separate?



yes, there are sepearte folders. You can set up each domain to be ‘administered’ by the same user, in which case when you log into ftp you’ll be presented with folders for each domain.

Alternativly you can set each domain to be administered by a different user, and then you’ll log into ftp with a username for each domain, and will have only that user’s domain folder aviable to you.