2 days passed...waiting for proving my account!

How long usually it will take? I was throught it may take one or two days maximum…but it’s already two days gone.//sad

Any answer is much appreciating!

My Promo Code: CHRISTNAN1

By the way, my user name is ‘Christnan’.

Maybe everyone is home for the celebration of new year…

My Promo Code: CHRISTNAN1

Hi and welcome to DreamHost.

Account approval times can vary quite a bit. Some accounts are approved automatically (within minutes), while others seem to be flagged for manual approval and can take a day or two.

It might be wise to email DreamHost and ask about the delay.

Just a suggestion, but you might want to specify exactly what your promo code is offering. Not easy with the 200 character limit. :frowning:


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oh, Thanks Mark!

New accounts usually are not set up on the weekend, from what I can tell.

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