2 accounts pending

I made an account… didn’t get a payment confirmation., i was impatient and made a second account since i saw no way of entering another debit card info… now i have two accounts pending. i’d like to cancel the first signup … can someone PLEASE pm me to get my email info to cancel it .i don’t need two accounts.

Please submit an official support ticket with the details for both accounts: www.dhurl.org/dhsupport . Our Approvals team works Monday-Friday, so they will be able to go over the info in your ticket and cancel the account you don’t need. Your patience is appreciated. Thanks!

Open a ticket with support, you should have that much access already.

Be aware tho that no one will do anything or reply until business hours on Monday. Support will put your ticket in the queue for the approvals dept which is only around MON-FRI during business hours.

While account approval can happen automatically for those that get put into pending (a.k.a. manual approval) on a weekend the wait until business hours Monday can be rather long.

Thanks for the help, I created a Support ticket.