2 Accounts in 1 WebID

Hi, I have an existing hosting account with dreamhost. I have an existing WebID

I want to register another domain name and hosting plan, under someone else’s credit card. I also want that domain/hosting to be handled by my existing WebID. Is it possible? How?

I added a new account under Billing>New Account. But it doesn’t let me enter the CC details for that account.

I try to click “Add a Plan” for that new account, but the signup page there requires me to enter a new email address for the WebID. It doesn’t let me use my existing WebID.

I try to enter another email address for that, just get to the next page. It says that the domain has been taken, but checking at http://dreamhost.com/domreg.cgi says it’s available. Whois says it’s still available.

Now I can’t signup for that domain name anymore since it says it’s taken.

What do I do?

It seems the domain name is already recorded in DH system. Note that DH will record your information after you fill up the form (when you sign up) even you did not complete with the payment proccess.

you may want to refer to this thread http://discussion.dreamhost.com/showflat.pl?Cat=&Board=curious&Number=67757&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=14&part= for solution.

if you use new email address to sign up a plan, you will be automatically assigned a new webid.

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Ok, I read that thread. I’ll keep that in mind when I try to signup again. It still doesn’t answer how I can use my existing WebID for the new account.

Open the new account under a different webid. Once that account is functioning, use the panel to allow privilidges to the second (your existing) webId. :slight_smile:


Note: DH will link your credit card to your new account by default. Unless you choose “Others, set up later” when you create new account.

I think you have to have two web ids. But you can set up the privileges by DH panel --> Accounts --> Accounts Privileges

Btw, the system is really frastrating because it askes for email address everytime although we are addping a plan in the panel :frowning:

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It is probably possible, but I am not sure it is allowed under the existing TOS. There is a line in the TOS which states…

[color=#0000CC]The Customer agrees to hold only one (1) active web hosting service plan at any given time with DreamHost Webhosting. Signing up for multiple plans is grounds for termination of all additional plans without warning.[/color]


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