2 A record

Hi, first of all, sorry for my english, IM spanish.

I added a new A Record in my DNS control panel, it was all ok, but the problem now is that i have 2 A Record, the new and the old.

The old A Record is in “Non-editable DreamHost DNS records”, then i dont know how can I deleted the old A record to activate the new one.

Do you know what can i do?

Thank you very much!!!

In order to delete the original A record for the domain you will need to go to the manage domains page in the panel and click “Remove” in the “web hosting” column. When you “fully host” a domain on dreamhost the A record is automatically created for the domain. If you want to point the A record for the top level of the domain you will need to delete dreamhost hosting to get rid of the automatically generated record.

If your trying to have the domain actually hosted on dreamhost but want a SUB domain with A record that point elsewhere you can do that to. On the same manage domains page instead of removing hosting from the domain click the DNS link for the domain and at the sub-domain A record from there. You can not add the sub-domain as ‘fully hosted’ first, doing so will put you back into the 2 conflicting A records scenario that you are experiencing now.

I’ve been wrestling with this issue forever. This solution worked perfectly for me. Thank you!

Bit of a resurrection but what if I want to keep all my subdomain, DH IMAP email and other services intact but only serve one new A record instead of this two record problem I am receiving.

If the domain is “fully hosted” that means the dreamhost creates and A-record. It’s listed on the page as “Non-editable”, you can however delete it but changing the domain to “DNS only”. This won’t change the dreamhost generated records for mail or subdomains.

So by going DNS only, DH main settings (and others) are kept and I can continue to use IMAP through DH but serve different A records as DNS only.

Just double checking as I don’t fancy having to set it all up manually.