1click Wordpress site, do I need to upload site? Quickstart.html page still shows

Hi everyone

I am a new user of Dream Host. I installed the one-click wordpress and created the website content I desired. I now have a folder on my FTP site called “home” with all the WP files in it. This means my home page for the site at the moment is sitename.co/home. When I go to the domain name I registered - eg sitename.co I still see the Dream Host quickstart.html page.

Do I need to do something to upload the Wordpress content I have created? Do I need to do something to make the home page I created appear on sitename.co ?

Any help greatly appreciated. I have done some reading around of forums and websites and wikis but not getting any lights coming on to work out how to sort this.

Thank you in advance


If you installed WordPress to the /home/ subdirectory, then it will only show up if you visit http://example.com/home/. If you want WordPress to show up on your whole site, uninstall it from that location and reinstall it to the “/” directory (that is, to the root level of your site).

Alternatly, you can Give WordPress it’s own directory while using a pre-existing subdirectory install

Thank you Andrew.
How do I uninstall it from the current location and reinstall to the root?


If you want to totally uninstall it, we have directions on how to do that: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/How_to_Remove_a_One-Click_Install

If you want to move it, it’s a little more complicated, btu we can help you with that too.

Thank you. Whatever is the most straightforward option that will allow me to keep everything that is already created just as it is.

Thank you in advance

Since you want to keep everything that’s created as is, it would be best to move WP or give it its own folder. It’s relatively straightforward (make a change to settings and copy files over), but it can be confusing the first time you do it. How familiar are you (if at all) with FTP?

If you want to move it to the main folder on your site, you should read this: http://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress#On_Your_Existing_Server

If you want to keep it in the folder where it is now, but have it ‘run’ the main part of your domain, follow these directions: http://codex.wordpress.org/Giving_WordPress_Its_Own_Directory#Using_a_pre-existing_subdirectory_install


Thank you so very much for you assistance. I did it!!

Thank you again, it was wonderful to be a brand new user and access these forums. It is great to have had such useful and supportive responses so quickly.

Have a fantastic weekend.