1and1 Blows, want my email on dreamhost

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using Dreamhost for the last year now, and I love it. It’s truly the best value for the buck on the net.

That being said, I have a legacy address still in user over at 1and1 and I was wondering the best way to get the email from that account essentially hosted on my Dreamhost account.

1and1 goes down more than my first girlfriend, and lets just say that’s more than I change my underwear. Anyways, it’s a business owned by a client of mine and the 1and1 downtime is unnaceptable (although the aforementioned girlfriends affliction was fine).

What’s the best way to seamlessly make this happen, I’ve already added the domain to the domain panel, and the account appears to be setup. As I understand it I have two options:

  1. Forward the DNS servers from 1and1 over to Dreamhost. If I were to do this, what are the DNS servers I need to forward to for POP mail?

  2. Transfer ownership of the domain over to Dreamhost. Are there any issues I can run into here?

What is the best way to ensure minimal downtime for my client and maximum email uptime? Is the Dreamhost email uptime pretty stable?

Thanks all in advance.

set up the dns servers as following
ns1: dreamhost.com
ns2: dreamhost.com
ns3: dreamhost.com

Domains must be “unlocked” at their current registrar or the transfer will fail!
Domains may not be transferred within 60 days of their initial registration!
You should do any nameserver changes (e.g. to ns1.dreamhost.com, etc) before transferring!

I believe you have a web id in DH. try DH panel --> Manage Domain --> Transfer domain

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You should be ready to go if you’ve got everything set up. Don’t forget to create the email addresses here before swapping nameservers. You may also have a couple days while mail goes to both servers as DNS is propagated.

You can use webmail.domain.com to get your mail here until you’re ready to drop 1and1’s service.