18 domains down for 7 days, no end in sight

I have been a customer since 2004. I have referred many people to Dreamhost over the years. I have been paying for a VPS for a few years now.

Sometime last week (around Nov 12th), all of my sites went down. I only noticed this because I tried to access one and was taken to an empty root directory.

I am missing literally 100s of GB of data. I have gone back and forth with Dreamhost customer support for the past 7 days in an effort. Despite them telling me it is being fixed, there has been virtually no progress made. ALL of my dreamhost-hosted domains are down (both business and personal).

I am absolutely beyond words to describe this experience and despite making repeated requests for someone to call me, have yet to speak with a new rep.

Has anyone else experienced this - ever - with ANY company? This is unbelievably insane to me.

hmmm, no.

I have had issues through the years with down-time and had a site “go missing” once, during an major attack on Dreamhost (the files were there but had been switched to different owner during a hardening effort by DH, actually took me weeks to figure it out).

I hope you have gotten some help by now. Are you sure you weren’t hacked?

Did you use the panel to get to the bottom of where your content is?