14 Days and No Support From Sales


How can someone get Dreamhost Sales to acknowledge a request for a server upgrade? I’ve been waiting for 14 days and I submitted more than one request. Support forwards my request to sales, but Sales drops the ball.

I’m not happy.


What kind of server upgrade? Are you switching over to the Private Server plan?



I have a private server plan. I want a 200GB hard Drive. Currently I have 120GB. I’ve requested an upgrade 14 days ago and my request get pushed to Sales without support or any replies. I’ve must of submitted 6 tickets and they all get pushed to Sales.

I travel to LA twice a month and I would like to discuss this issue with any of your staff. I’ve been advised your firm can not support walkins.


You realize, of course, that this is a customer-to-customer forum and you are not very likely to get a direct response from DH staff in here, right ?

The problem does suck, however. Hope you get it resolved.