$14.95 Transfer Fee?

I went through the Domains->Transfer section in the Account Panel and entered all the information of my domain - forteclothing.com - and at the end it told me there was a $14.95 fee to transfer this!

As stated in this, it doesn’t say it costs anything! -
And this does not say it costs $14.95 either! -

I registered my domain with Ipower.com and now am looking to transfer it to my Dreamhost account. I currently have the Crazy Domain Insane account with only the initial free domain. Please, help!


Since you already used up your ‘FREE’ domain name when you signed up, I don’t think you can ‘freely-no cost’ transfer another one. You can transfer it, but the initial question in ‘https://panel.dreamhost.com/kbase/index.cgi?area=410’ was…

“I already have a domain name, if I sign up do I have to pay for it again?”

the trigger to me is they are just signing up…so when they sign up a new account, they can transfer it for free using their get a free domain name…

That is how I read it.


Thanks for the quick reply.

Yah that knowledge base article seems a bit misleading. I think now I will have to try and refund my money over at Ipower.com, and then just register with the $14.95 here at Dreamhost.

I am really just disappointed in the mislead article though. Because over at Ipower.com, the domain registration is only $5.50 and I thought this would be an easy process.


Can’t you just change the nameservers at Ipower?

also, I just found this


Ok, I have contacted Ipower.com support. And they have told me that I need to reassure that Dreamhost will create a DNS entry for free. Will they?

And then Ipower.com will change the DNS for no charge.

Thanks for the quick replies!

all you need to do is go to your web admin panel, go to domains, click on add domain, add your domain yourdomainname.com click add domain, add to your package, fully host and then tell them to point your dns to the dreamhost name servers…ie


(they might be different than these tho, when you add the domain, it will give you the name servers.

Thanks gonewthewind.

I have added the domain, and now am just waiting for the DNS change to go through with my registrar.


Nobody needs to register their domains with Dreamhost to host them here; there’s nothing wrong with going with a different registrar. All of my domains (other than the free one) are with different registrars (less expensive than Dreamhost), and I’ve never had any problem hosting them here. Just set up the domain here and set the DNS hosts to the ones for Dreamhost using the other registrar’s interface.

– Dan

Yes, I have to agree with that: I don’t see anything wrong with registering your domain name ELSEWHERE. I haven’t even used the free domain registration in my plan all these years!

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