12 gig file to upload


SO I got set up for Quicktime streaming. Then I rendered a video as an mov. It came out to 12+ gig. It’s wmv equal is only 24 meg.
I must have done something wrong (using Corel Photo Album to render video), but I don’t know what.
Is 12 gig reasonable? If it is, how do I get it uploaded in a reasonable amount of time?
Thanks - John D


How many minutes or hours is the video. I could see 4 gig but not sure on 12. Maybe purchasing quicktime pro for about $20.00 would be a good way to reduce the file size. As it offers mp4 file format and I beleive a new codec for the mov file format that will help reduce file size.


The video is 5 min 20 sec.


that’ll tell you step by step how to make propor video files


To give you an idea of file size. On my website I have a video tutorial for a 3d program and it is 16 minutes long with a resolution of 640x480 and the file size is 48 MB’s. Because I made it streamable the file size increased to 60mb’s.
However I do have a video thats 52 minutes that runs around 10GB in the avi format.
So finding the correct codec can make a huge difference. Try them out and see what provides the smallest file size while still maintaining a quality level you find exceptable.


Thanks. I’ll take a look.


Thanks. I’ll go do some more research. I think Ill dump what I have and go back to the beginning.


dude if its a 5 min quicktime video it cant be 12GB. You must have messed up somewhere or u r reading the filesize wrong.

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actualy 12gb sounds about right for uncompressed video


Yup. I got a lot of learnin’ to do.
Thank you all for your responses.


That’s what I was thinking…


I am not familiar with Coral Photo Album, but when you create the video look for any video and audio codec settings. It sounds a lot like you are saving the video with no compression.


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