1) How do I point domain name elsewhere? 2) will it prevent accessing my files on DH?

Hi All,
I am ignorant here - any help is much appreciated. Ran into something like this before when pointing a domain to BigCartel.com site, but don’t remember the resolution. And I think there was a threat of my DH-hosted images becoming unavailable to BigCartel (?) and I had to move them all to a sub-domain (?) (I clearly need a class or something.)

Now trying to point the domain GRAPHIC44.COM to a Squarespace.com site. I currently host the domain with DH, in fact it is my main “point of entry”, my FTP that gets me to all files/all sites on DH. I just transferred the domain reg to DH to consolidate and hopefully make this transition easier to handle.


  1. Will I be able to point the name to my Squarespace at all?
  2. If yes, won’t that prevent accessing my files hosted on DH? My email account under that domain?
  3. How to resolve?

Squarespace wants:

[i]Step 1 - Create a CNAME Record
Alias - Should be www
Type - Should be CNAME
Points To - Should be www.squarespace6.com

Step 2 - Create an A Record
Create an A Record which will point the version of your domain without the WWW to our IP Address ([/i]

I stopped after unsuccessful Step 1. (CNAME is already being used on BC)

Any help - so appreciated.