1 Host many domains?

Hi, a newbie to Dreamhost at the moment, thought I’d just ask.

If I buy say the cheapest hosting at $9.95 per month with its one free domain name.

Say I want to register another domain name, can I just pay the one off small fee for the year and then host all the files for that domain on the first one I bought (ie share the 4800mb between the two) or do i have to purchase another $9.95 per month to have both?



All youhave to do is pay for the domain registration, and then you can host it here on your account free! You can host as many domains with your account as you want - you just have to take care of registering them your self.

Your domains will share the storeage and bandwidth limits.


You can host as many domains as you want under any plan. You get the first domain free (if you need it or else they let you register that freee one later) and pay for subsequent ones, but the hosting is all under the one plan.

The only limits are on bandwidth and disk space, but they increase your limits each week to allow for growth. I have 4 domains under one plan now and there hasn’t been any extra costs for me.

So to answer your question you don’t need to buy another plan for what you want to do.

Hope that helps.


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Thats exactly what I wanted to know, thank you :slight_smile:


I currently have 3 domains hosted at dreamhost - One was purchased along with my plan, and the other two were purchased from domainsarefree.com. They transferred to dreamhost really quickly, and they never go down. So yeah, I think that answers your question :stuck_out_tongue:

My question is… even the most basic, cheap, level 1 hosting option allows for this? If so, then “boo-yah.”

Exactly! Since the beginning of October all hosting plans come with unlimited fully-hosted domains and sub-domains.

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ALL the plans allow unlimited domains. Boo yah :slight_smile:

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