>1 FTP accounts to upload to the same folder?

Is it possible to have more than one ftp user upload to the same folder? If so, how? Thanks

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Assuming that you know about and are not interested in anonymous ftp, I have not found a way to do that using standard ftp clients, as Dreamhost allows only one “user” to own an ftp directory.

From the old “knowledge base”, current wiki.dreamhost.com entry:

[quote] How do I share website access with another FTP user?
If you want to add another user with access to all the same files as an existing user:

Basically, you can’t. In unix systems, files are all owned by exactly one user, and it’s not secure to allow other users full read/write access to them all. If you really want multiple people to have all the same access to the same files via FTP, the best thing to do is create one FTP user for all the stuff you want to share, and just use that same login info among all the people who need to work on the site. [/quote]
That said, you might consider a php/perl filemanager or groupware application that will let you set up a “repository” of documents/files where multiple users can upload/download common documents. As the cgi user “owns” all files, you will be relying upon the application for access control and security, but your user (or which ever user you designate in the panel for the domain to run cgi as) owns then all.

I think this is a better solution than trying to kludge together a series of unix users, groups, directories, and symlinks (which I suppose you could cobble together after a fashion).