1-free-domain-register it's fake?

Hello, i new guy on dreamhost.

I pay for one year, for Crazy Domain Insane!
If i good understand my gife for this action is 1-free domain.
So I put in registratrion form, my name of free domain.
I pay. And… i dont understand. In panel i see… 0 domains / 1 free… so… i wait for some houres.

Check again still same text.

So i check my domain in other register, and I see… is for taken… Crap. What’s a fake…

So i back to my panel, I register my domain again, I pay $9.95… what?? foo.

Back to my panel… and I see again stille same text…

0 domains / 1 free
and my balans is… Balance: $9.95

So i dont understand… when the free domain with .com
will be registered to my account? In few weeks?
If dreamhost are register, why the domain is free on other registers…

Please some tell me how and what it works.


You simply register a .com domain, and they will not bill you if you still have one free. That’s how it worked for me, if I remember correctly.

Of course, now I have used my free registration so I can’t go to my panel and try again to see exactly how to do this – so I can’t give you an exact explanation. Try reading the http://wiki.dreamhost.com about this, or send a support message.

But if you registered (and paid) then that domain should belong to you. You also said that domain is now taken (and not taken by you), then you didn’t actually register it – perhaps you didn’t complete the registration. What have you then paid for?

If you respond to these answers, please explain with as much detail as possible so that we can best understand what you mean.

Best wishes!

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It sounds like something got messed up during your sign-up process / domain registration. After a successful domain registration you should receive an email from DreamHost telling you that things have gone through correctly.

I would suggest you lodge a support request via the panel, outlining exactly what has happened, hopefully the folks at DreamHost can sort things out for you.


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