1% firewall filter for websites from shared hosting. DDOS is 100% possible on DH :(


1% firewall filter for websites from shared hosting. DDOS is 100% possible on Dreamhost :frowning:

Yes, like i said that’s true.
[size=medium][color=#FF4500]Today i was DDOSed on one of my 80 websites from Dreamhost, LoL![/color][/size]

  1. Dreamhost can’t help you when you are in DDOS. (i think that why they have everytime or frequently DDOS issues on dreamhost status).
  2. CloudFlare can help you with 10% when you are in DDOS but, is NOT recommended to use CloudFlare.
  3. Close http port or spend thousand of $ for a external firewall. (Not recommended for non-profit websites or small companies because is too damn expensive).

P.S. Other hosting companies have some firewall systems in front of client servers…


So you are saying that DreamHost isn’t filtering non-essential ports? Remember, a firewall will keep port 80 open. It has to.


They are improving… Be patient !


I suggest for DH to get some new servers and collocate them on ThePlanet Datacenter from Dallas (10 backbones) and i will stay with DH for another 5-10 years :wink:
I am from EU and i need firewall (no skiddies allowed :P) and fast connections. :wink: ( i am sad because now on DH i can’t get these, no firewall, all websites from shared hosting from DH are vulnerable for low DDOS and this is not good and DH datacenter is not ThePlanet DC.)



Your just a little bit behind the times, ThePlanet was purchased by softlayer back in 2010. Also they don’t currently offer a product that is an Apples to Apples comparison with dreamhost’s shared hosting.


Well, there is HostGator, which leases servers from Softlayer. But they don’t own their own facilities.


If you do a test with the latest DosHTTP program you will get your website ddosed on HTTP 80 port, why this is possible on DreamHost?
Every skiddie can do this and this is not good because is annoying to pay for external firewall for shared hosting.
This problem exist on major web hosting companies in US and EU like entire Germany is vulnerable to DosHTTP program on port 80.

I don’t want to know if a real hacker can use a botnet with more than 100 zombies… i can’t imagine this.

I hope DH will do something about this minor DDOS problem for shared accounts. Thanks


It would seem to me that this is an issue with someone’s account, not with the company in general.


Yes, is true (nothing about the company, DreamHost is and will be the best, DreamHost is a great name in the web hosting industry), no vulnerabilities for VPS or dedicated servers … but i think this vulnerability exist on all shared web hosting accounts NOT only on my websites and i think is not so good.

In fact the problem is when you use DOS or DDOS for a website hosted on a shared account that website is affected directly and all pps from attacker are droped and not reply to the attacker like ICMP or something if you understand what i mean.


This is a shareware firewall system. Not sure if it’s suitable for shared:



Entirely inappropriate for our shared hosting. We already have various tools in place to perform most of the important parts of what that does.


Andrew, maybe it would be helpful to explain to the folks here more about what tools you use to provide such protection.


I can’t comment on the details, but in short, we’re using a number of industry-standard tools to monitor our servers for anomalies and automatically block abusive access based on certain criteria.