1-click install + new theme question


My current DH WP site was installed using 1-Click install. I want to buy a new premium theme and I was thinking about installing it using ftp. Can I get some thoughts on this topic about the pro’s and cons please? My level of experience is newbie and this is why I am asking.

Thanks so much for your reply.

The pros and cons of what, as compared to what?

Hi Andrew, sorry, didn’t mean to sound ambiguous here. The pros and cons of replacing theme that was installed using a 1-click WP install with a new theme installation via 1-click vs. ftp install.

Since my current WP install was done with the 1-click method and it’s about time to replace my theme with a more updated one (premium theme) would it be “better” to install the new theme using ftp rather than 1-click? Does it even matter? Since I am fairly new to all of this I can honestly say that I don’t know what is the “best” direction to take actually as the ftp direction will most likely require a greater skill set to install and maintain than the 1-click method. What are your thoughts on this matter?

Now that the one click installer has installed wordpress for you, you don’t need to go there again. The installation that the one click installer did for you is a full working copy of wordpress. FTP in and upload to the themes folder, or in many cases you can upload new themes right from wordpress admin.