1-click-install ask: MovableType 4

seeing MovableType (http://www.movabletype.org/) going through a revival and coming to a new slick version 4 release I am wondering if Dreamhost could add it to the list of apps supported by 1-click-install. Would be good to have an alternative offered next to Wordpress.

Opening this thread for you to speak up if you are also running MT on DreamHost and support the 1-click-install request.


IIRC DH considered doing this a while ago when the one-click thing was just getting started, but they couldn’t because of licensing issues with MT. So I fear those issues will still be at play.

Fortunately, it’s not too hard to install your self.

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There is going to be an opensource version of movable type http://movabletype.org/opensource/, it will be redistributable so maybe that will change things.

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I’ve actually been out of the loop on MT4 stuff - I’d be wiling to bet that DH will seriously consider making MTOS 4 a one-click install. Hopefully we’ll see that released before too long.

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Put it under “recommendations” on the panel so we can all vote for it.

Or maybe it’s “Suggestions”?

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