1-Click App submissions/upgrading

Hiya DH team and forum-goers. I’m just wondering if anyone knows the regular process/timeframe for reviewing an upgrade in the ‘1 click App Submissions’ area.

I’m the maintainer of one of the apps which is available as a 1-click install, and I released a minor upgrade 2 weeks ago (seriously, I think there was perhaps one line of javascript changed to fix an interface bug).

Anyway, I’m wondering what the process is for checking/approval of “upgrades” (as opposed to “new submissions”). I’d have thought that it would be quicker (as the previous version of the software had already been approved), but I think the original app submission process took a couple of days to a week until I got feedback.

Anyway, not complaining, just curious.


DH noted in their newsletter (or was it their blog?) recently that they wouldn’t update anything at this time to prevent any unintentional downtime that an automatic upgrade may cause during the holiday shopping period. You can read that as you may… it might just mean they want to kick back for the holidays.

By the way, I’m not sure which app you maintain, but thanks for your work! I know very few people who work on OSS software get the appreciation that they deserve.

Yeah, I read that too, but thought it was more related to hardware/architecture upgrades.

I wrote/maintain MICO, which… probably has a few installs, but isn’t something that too many hosting customers would need (it’s aimed more at small businesses than anything else)