$_SESSION : i'm loosing my head

Hello all !
Just transered to dreamhost and i am having some troubles with my sessions … It is simply not understandable … or maybe it’s me … :wink:

page one: form
the form contains the fields tri_name_new and tri_number_new

page two: form processing
$_SESSION[‘tri_name’] = $_POST[‘tri_name_new’];
$_SESSION[‘tri_number’] = $_POST[‘tri_number_new’];
$_SESSION[‘tri_action’] = “insert”;

page three: review of info

So far: the data is received in form processing page 2 - i checked with print_r($_POST) at the beginning of the script, and checked the registering of the session with a print_r($_SESSION) at its end.

On the last page, only $_SESSION[‘tri_action’] is received !!! (“insert”).

I am lost here… Thanks for your help !


Did you use session_start(); at the beginning of each script? It’s required.

I did and found the mistake this night.
Many inclusions, and many function calls. One of them was (i still don’t know why ?) blocking the new session var.

Thanks for your answer !