$_server variables

My site is powered by Joomla! There is a component I would like to add called com_page_cache since my page loads somewhat slowly. One of the criteria for installing the component is that I have access to $_server variables. I’ve tried my best to figure out if I do, in fact, have access to this with no luck. So my quesiton is, do I?

Sincere thanks in advance for any reply!

FWIW I’m on a shared hosting plan.

Yes, you do have access to such variables (though, in some cases, they may not return the value expected by programmers who do not account for the fact that PHP may be running as CGi :wink: . For example, the $_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_NAME’] variable will return the php.cgi binary rather than the name of your script.


Thanks a lot! I had read about some horror stories about removing this component when ‘something went wrong’ and I figured it was best to ask someone…