_really_ fast service

I was in the middle of submitting a support request (I couldn’t log in to my email account, an extremely rare occurrence) but before I finished I figured I’d give it another try. Sure enough, the problem was fixed before I even finished submitting the request! I am impressed.


Just kidding Dreamhost :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re pretty quick around here.

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you are probably on the same server/cluster as i am, mine was down for about two minutes. like you, i decided to try again after rebooting thunderbird, and viola, it was working again : )

Indeed. Sometimes the problems have already been solved when DH support gets back to me.

However, it is still a long way to run. Cheers up DH

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Don’t be fooled. That’s usually because DH has the policy that, generally, their support people don’t reply to the original bug report until it’s actually been investigated and the cause of the problem determined.

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