$_GET and $_POST only way to access passed vars

Within the last few weeks I haven’t been able to use some of my PHP scripts which worked perfectly about a month ago. None of them have been modified in any way whatsoever. I’ve tried some shortcuts on the scripts that are more critical by patching it with setting the variables explicitly through $_GET and $_POST superglobal arrays. The variables simply won’t set from no matter what physical computer I am on and won’t pass to the remaining scripts unless it is explicitly set with the superglobals.

Is there any reason why this has never been an issue until recently and is there anything that I’m not aware of that can fix this without having to go through hundreds of scripts and explicitly setting them with superglobals?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone! =O)

Well, either DH saw my post or I noticed the problem before they did because it’s not an issue anymore. register_globals is now on for my server. Yeah! =O)