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Web Panel RAM Usage Calculation
02-19-2012, 10:06 PM (This post was last modified: 02-19-2012 10:11 PM by mediabaron.)
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RE: Web Panel RAM Usage Calculation
This doesn't seem like an honest way of displaying memory usage for the average user.

If someone's VPS is set to 500MB of memory but the server really only needs 250MB to run it will use the unused RAM as cache making it look like the server is maxing out on memory usage. Then the unsuspecting user ups their memory slider. If they panic and slide it to 1,000MB and again the server really only needs 250MB it will again use remaining RAM as cache once again making the graph look like they're using close to their limit. Rinse and repeat.

DreamHost used to not include swap in the memory total and did away with that as folks kept setting RAM too low just letting the hard drive handle the overage as swap memory. Yeah, I could understand how that needed to be clarified and DH made the changes to the graph and prices were also adjusted accordingly. I didn't like it but it was something I could live with.

But now many users will panic and keep paying for more and more RAM even if they don't need it. DreamHost VPS is sells itself as being a personal server for the non *nix-geek admin. Seems like a way to rake-in the money from unsuspecting users. And the omission of this change from the newsletter is troubling. This is NOT a minor omission from the newsletter, this affects all VPS users. Sure, I can SSH in and view actual memory usage along with how much of that is caching but how many VPS users will know how to do that?

DH needs to push out that missing information to VPS users via email and blog, you folks also need to make it clear about how the memory usage is divided with with cache. This stinks as this will not help users make better decisions for themselves. For DH maybe, but not for users.

I'm not a *nix expert but hey, if I was I'm not sure I would stay on DH.
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