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Back from a Successful promotion tour
08-14-2007, 08:50 PM
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Back from a Successful promotion tour

Quote:Multi-posting happens often enough here that the Welcome page and TOS are clearly not as clear as JRS (Jessey Rlparker Seiler) say. When it's for a good or interesting cause, we don't need to make such a big deal about it. Who knows how many people give up on the wiki and forum because of this sort of reception and reaction.

It's ok to disagree with JRS, IMO, and I do. Their word is not gospel, especially here. They don't seem to agree. Big Grin

When people disagree with JRS, JRS get irate and call names. Everything I said is fact-based (with a perhaps too subtle reference to Jessey previously saying something about what his mom used to tell him). I could've used more polite description than "blah, blah," but Rlparker doesn't show me any more respect, ever since he became so obsessed with puppets; he apparently thinks calling me a puppeteer is somehow more insulting than calling Jessey an atheist, Seiler a name-caller, or an orange a fruit. It's a technically incorrect use of the term, as he knows, since I endeavor not to use multiple user names in the pejorative sense of the term, but apparently that's the best he's got.

Jessey doesn't even have enough vision to see this DHSOTM thread/discussion in full context of both threads. He's done the same things as askapache (self-promotional-linking), here and in wikipedia, but that was different, because he says.

Who's afraid of tricky links anyway - Caveat clicktor. And you can add a comment. And there's a "remove my vote" option. I voted. You should too! Big Grin warning for link-or-brain-challenged: may require login, may enter a vote

Please also go here to "vote down" the competition. Only if you are so-inclined anyway, or if you don't mind being so encouraged.

Ahh hah! I never read the last half of the posts in the original thread... I was so shocked that I was actually getting negative feedback and accused of using tricky links from people that I just packed up and never read that thread again, weird investing in defeat like that.

My 6months promotion tour for my blog has worked very well I'm pleased to say, and I'm well on my way to becoming a top blog in the next year or 2. I wish this was a cooler place where people could look for solutions and try to solve problems. originally that is why I came here, to talk about what promotional activities I was doing and how much they were succeeding.. Big Grin

I would love to talk to people like that anonymous2 dude, I mean COME ON... haha.. if you couldn't see how bone-chillingly cool that whole DHSOTM thing I did was then theres nothing to talk about. It will just have to be results I guess.

I did end up winning the contest for May thank you very much, by the biggest and most overwhelming landslide in the history of the contest. I wasn't surprised to see that the mac daddy of dreamhost, Your Egg McMuffin Top,
Josh Jones liked what I did and saw the value of promoting the DHSOTM. And he knows more about links and what cheating really looks like.

I was so infuriated at the amount of negativity that just a couple people were able to produce and so pissed at their ignorance that I decided to show them just how easy I couldve cheated had I wanted to. But I didn't want to cheat and thats the fundamental difference I think.

Rigging the DreamHost Site of The Month Contest

Oh and this is so on-topic... controversy is a huge promotional activity!

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