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Increasingly useless DH newsletters
10-06-2011, 01:27 PM
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Increasingly useless DH newsletters
I just got my October 2011 newsletter. Over many months (years?) I have been measuring actual content with all of the fun crap, trying to decide where my level of tolerance gets tipped. This month was it. Over 90% of the content was sheer junk. The problem is that I'm hoping content from a new CEO ("Hmmm, never thought of myself as a cherry.") is going to contain something of value, so I skim through his notes and others trying to find such gems. Unfortunately it's increasingly difficult to find actual content in all the empty text. ("As a matter of fact we have over a dozen holes that need filling! ...and I have a pun-generating machine that needs destroying. ") I've got more important things to do (like "Investing in time-shares").

I really wish DH would produce two newsletters - one for clowns like what we have now, ("I've always wanted to say that. With a German accent, for some reason.") and one for serious customers who want information from their vendors - people who may or may not say "we host domains. Duh." and people who don't need to reassure us that there is "no elephant slaughter involved!"

Guys, I'm a developer, I'm used to comedy, just less of it. Please tame it down a little or just provide those of us with "a case of the Moody Mondays" a little relief short of unsubscribing.

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