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09-29-2011, 02:52 PM
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Hi all! I am new to DreamHost & the board. Here's my situation...

I signed up for the hosting trial due to the 'one click' wordpress feature. While it was pretty easy to start-up, it was a bit more than I expected. Think I mussed up somewhere & desperately need help.

When I was inputting my website information, DreamHost asked for a 'sub-domain & domain". I know what a domain is, but, was unsure on the sub-domain part. So, I just put anything in the field thinking I could change it later. I put 'sale' in the sub-domain section. The Wordpress software was installed & everything looked great. I checked my email & clicked the link. My website wasn't working, so, had to have my registrar change the 'CPANEL' from what/where it was to the sub-domain & domain I entered earlier. Well...

When I then went to my website, it took me to some stupid page starting with '' This is obviously stemming from the sub-domain/domain situation explained earlier. I CANNOT have this. Can anyone tell me how to change this? Do I need to have a sub-domain?? If so, why do they ask for one??? Furthermore, why was there a little dot or period in the domain box???? Does this mean I will have a dot in front of my domain name????? It is CONFUSING!!!

Can someone help me or get me straight...please? I was recommended by a few of my friends to DreamHost, but, the lack of live support is killing me. I've been at this for hours now & want to hang myself.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance!

P.S. - I'm NOT too good on the computer, so, I would gladly provide my phone number if someone would be so kind as to guide me through this.
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