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opaque to Google
09-28-2004, 08:10 AM
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opaque to Google
This may seem a bizarre question, but I'm at my wit's end (not that great a distance granted).

In February of 04, the company I work for added a domain to our plan. Not a subdomain, but not a new plan either. Dreamhost lets you host additional domains for no additional cost. "Nice deal!" we thought.

("We" are FAYFOTO, a commercial photography outfit. Our primary account with DreamHost is Google has indexed the main site)

The new domain is

I thought it was interesting that both domains' root directories lie at the same level in our account directory, but didn't think much about it.

However, nothing I have done seems to cause our new site to show up in Google. I have metatags with keywords, titles that are relevant and enough pertinent body copy that I was confident in short order we would be indexed.

I checked to see if I had left any robot no-follow files around. I haven't done anything stupid like hidden text. I have done everything with the html I can think of to be friendly to an indexing spider. I requested that Google index us. Three times. Nothing so far.

Being at the end of my ideas I started to wonder if - far fetched as it might seem - there was something about the directory structure of an additional domain that in some way "hides" it from the Google bots?

I would not be surprised if you said such an idea was rubbish (Dreamhost support didn't think this was the problem) but - I can't for the life of me figure out why we don't show up at all in spite of doing everything I can think of to be visible.

It's true that we aren't linked to by many (or possibly even any) other sites yet, and I understand that has a bearing on things (ranking in particular). But come on - Goole pulls up the most obscure sites that can't ALL be linked to by other sites!

Thanks for any thoughts you might have on the subject.
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