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Using Zen Cart to sell downloadables
03-14-2011, 01:55 PM
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Using Zen Cart to sell downloadables
I'm trying to set up Zen Cart on my Drupal 7 site to offer downloadable PDF docs.

The structure is this:

The basic site:

The Zen Cart installation:

I've got my test PDF file, and things alllmost seem to work (the test file's current price is 0).

What happens is that it SEEMS to charge properly (0), and then offers me a download link.

The download link connects to a symlink which (presumably) is an alias of some sort to the actual file.

The download link, however, produces a 404 error.

So, via my FTP client, I went in and verified that the temporary folder exists, and that the symlink appears to be there. Both have a permission of 0777, which I presume Zen Cart did hen it built the temporary directory and the file alias.

Does anyone know why this would indicate a 404 when I query via Zen Cart?

I tried manually entering the URL into my browser, and it also 404, so it SEEMS unlikely this is actually an issue with Zen Cart, and perhaps more like an issue that's higher up, with DH or Drupal (maybe) or something.

I'm kinda at my wit's end, I'm afraid? Little help?


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