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"Easy Mode" Drupal One-Click Install
06-21-2008, 09:36 AM
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"Easy Mode" Drupal One-Click Install
I think the "Easy Mode" Drupal One-Click Installer is an extremely useful feature provided by Dreamhost. It allows many non-technical users to quickly start using a first class Content Management System like Drupal very quickly.

I'm a Dreamhost customer that's been using Drupal 5 (hand-installed) for over a year now (see, and I'm very excited about the prospect of using the Easy Mode Drupal 6 instead. This is because it's a huge bonus for Dreamhost to be doing the behind-the-scenes updating (especially Security Updates) and upgrading for me. Yes, there would be a loss in freedom to install my own themes and modules, but for me to not have to do any ongoing OS-level System Administration of Drupal is well worth it (as I represent a non-profit organization, and future maintainers of our website are highly unlikely to be as technically skilled in Debian and Linux System Administration as I am).

Hand-installing Drupal was not easy, and I am a seasoned pro at such things (I have B. Sc. in Computer Science, and 5 years experience as a Unix/Linux System Administrator.) It originally took me upwards of 20 hours to get Drupal hand-installed (including installing additional modules and tweaking many settings to sane states once Drupal was installed). With the "Easy Mode" Drupal Installation, I got to this same "sane state" in only 2 hours, a 10x savings in time (with infinitely less stress)!

So I want to give Dreamhost a big kudos for making this possible, and I forsee future Dreamhost customers going absolutely bananas with excitement over this extremely unique and powerful feature. In my opinion, this will become THE defacto way to get a new, highly "geek-compliant" website up and running easily, in a very, very cost-effective manner (with very low ongoing maintenance).

I'm curious to hear comments from fellow Dreamhost customers and staff (involved in developing and maintaining the "Easy Mode" Drupal). I'd especially like to hear: how committed Dreamhost is to moving this Beta program forward?

I've set up an easy-mode Drupal install, so I can get a feel for what I can and cannot do (since SSH/Debian filesystem access is not available in the "Easy Mode" Drupal). So far I'm very impressed at all the Drupal features I can access (having invested so little effort).

I'm also very curious to hear from Dreamhost developers as to which Drupal 6 modules (and other features) they plan to make available next to all those who have done "Easy Mode" Drupal installs like me. Is there an RSS Feed somewhere (besides this forum) where I can keep tabs on that?

I know that many common, highly useful Drupal modules still aren't quite ready for the recently-released Drupal 6. The major one I'm dying to be able to use within "Easy Mode" Drupal is TinyMCE:

(...or some other equivalent WYSIWYG inline HTML editor:
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