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looking for an e-commerce beginner's reference
04-10-2008, 06:08 PM
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looking for an e-commerce beginner's reference
I'm looking for an e-commerce beginner's reference, in book or web site form. I'm not looking for something that goes into any great detail, and especially not something that attempts to explain technical concepts for newbies... technical reference material can be easily found for any device or software, but first you have to know what technical device you want to use... ya know what I mean?... A person has to know what technical jumble of stuff makes sense for their given particular application... Otherwise, a person just spends time re-inventing the wheel... e.g. I could install zen cart, spend hours learning how to get it to work, only to learn that hey - this isn't what I need at all - or maybe it will work but maybe there is some other solution out there that is more of a turn-key solution that might be easier for me and might fit my application, but I don't even know it exists!

I'm just looking for an overall framework that presents the key concepts, and a list of options for each concept. Concepts like:

-- what are some different payment processing strategies and the associated pros and cons, with a few examples of some specific vendors whose services fit the various strategies. Sure Zencart might be great, but maybe for my application and my technical ability level, it might be better to outsource all the processing including the cart... or maybe not... that sort of stuff.

-- what's a good shopping cart.. what are the pros and cons of various options...

I know I could get an ecommerce for dummies book, but I'm just wondering if there's a particular reference source that anyone would personally vouch for?

Thanks very much for any suggestions anyone has for this!
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