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Full Version: Difficulty with procmail
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I'm trying to set up a moblog, so I need to forward mail that arrives at an address at a script.

Here's what I have set up


|IFS=' '&&exec /usr/bin/procmail -f-||edit 75 nemongt


* ^From.*[my cell phone]@vzwpix.com
| /home/nemongt/resources.ninegoodthings.com/blog/mt/mt-moblog.pl

I'm pretty confident that mt-moblog.pl is set up correctly, and these emails also arrive in my Inbox, which shouldn't happen if they are sucessfully sent to mt-moblog.pl (because of :0) right?

Can anyone help?
Read the kbase article on procmail. You need to name the .forward file ".forward.postfix". Doublecheck your permissions. You can probably get away with just:
"|/usr/bin/procmail -t"
in the .forward file; that's what we use.


Don't forget to escape the literal dot (\. instead of .)
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